Antique watch repair, Sales, and restoration for over 41 years.

The Antique Watch Company specializes in the restoration of the “can’t be fixed” and complicated antique pocket watches and vintage wrist watches including Hamilton, Elgin, Illinois, Omega, Longines, Patek Phillipe, Rolex, and Vacheron Constantin, just to name a few. All work is guaranteed, and estimates are given free of charge.

Shipping Your Watch To Antique Watch Company

We understand that your watch is very special to you.  It will be handled with extreme care while in our possession.  Most of the watches that we repair possess great sentimental value that far exceeds any monetary worth the watch may have.  While in our possession your watch is kept locked in our safe when work is not being performed.  

You will be given an honest and accurate estimate of all repair costs before any work is done.  We will painstakingly restore your watch using the finest materials and tools available from the past as well as present.  Most of our inventory consists of original new old stock parts.

Please do not send any original boxes or paperwork with your watch you want returned.  Watch boxes take up too much space and we have no place to store them.

Shipping Procedure – Follow These Instructions Exactly:

Wrap watch securely with plenty of cushion material and place in center of medium size sturdy box. Please do not send any original boxes or paperwork with your watch that you want returned.  We do not have the storage space to secure extra items while your watch is here.

Please fill out the form below and it will be emailed to us and you.  Please print out the email you receive and include it with your watch or watches along with a $50.00 non-refundable check to cover return postage and handling per package sent regardless of number of watches in the package.  This amount will be applied toward any repair and return shipping and handling.

Only use this form to ship your watch to us for repair. It is automated and any questions will not be answered.  If you have a question please click here to contact us.

    Shipping Request Form



    We will only use your email address to communicate with you directly. We will never send you advertising or other marketing materials, and we do not share email addresses with anyone.


    Once your watch is received, it will be checked in and placed in our system and you will be emailed.  We are currently running on approximately a ten to twelve week turnaround.  We will call or email you, within two weeks or so after receiving your watch, with an exact cost of repair.  We will list all parts and services needed for your watch.  Because of the nature of antique watches and the scarcity of many of the parts, some repairs can take substantially longer than the average turn-around.  No repairs will be made on your watch until you give us the “okay.” The  turnaround time frame begins when we RECEIVE your watch, NOT when we call you with the estimate.  If, after we speak with you and provide you with the estimate, you decide not to proceed with the repair, we will return your watch to you.

    We recommend shipping through the US Mail using REGISTERED MAIL WITH INSURANCE only. All other methods are more expensive and less secure.  We use this method in returning watches. Please follow this link to the USPS site concerning registered mail. Click on # 2. registered mail.

    One of the most important details to observe when shipping registered mail is the use of the proper paper tape and covering all openings and seams.  

    Address box to:

    P.O.Box 68
    Franklin, NC  28744

    (For security, we recommend A.W.CO. so contents are not easily identifiable)

    You will receive an automated email from us containing a copy of this form for your records.  If you do not receive this email, check your spam box and add us to your “approved sender” list or address book. Please do not respond to the email.  If you have a question about repairing or shipping your watch please email us directly.

    Store Owner/Watch Repairman

    The Antique Watch Company® is owned and operated by Rusty Tuggle. Rusty is known in the vintage watch community as an expert watchmaker and one of the top restorers of antique timepieces in the United States. He has a working relationship with many collectors and top jewelry stores in the country. His expertise has been sought by other watchmakers and trade associations.