1820 M I Tobias Rack Lever 18k


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Brand: M.I. Tobias
Case: 18K Rose Gold
Size: 56mm
Jewels: 6
Winding: Key
Setting: Key
Date: 1820

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M.I. Tobias gents English pocket watch from about 1820. 18 karat rose gold pair case. Outer smooth polished case measures 56mm and is hinged at the 9 position and is released by a button at the 3 position. The back has a small monogram that appears to be “JB”. This outer cover was used to protect the inner case from dirt, etc. The inner case is also smooth polished and measures 50mm in diameter and has the name “J. Bilbrough” engraved. The movement is a key wind and set gilded rack lever escapement which was extensively used by this company. The dial is white glass enamel with black roman numerals and heavy rose gold spade style hands.