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but CERTAINLY not an exhaustive list. Contact us if you have any questions about your particular watch.

Antique Wristwatch and Pocket Watch Repair and Restoration

If you are an antique pocket watch or antique wristwatch collector, you know the importance of keeping your vintage watches serviced.  Send us your antique watch for a cleaning and service, repair, or for complete restoration.  All watch work is done on our premises in our shop, by the store owner and watchmaker.

What we repair:

All antique or vintage mechanical pocket watch and wristwatches from  the sixteen hundreds to all higher grade watches currently being  produced; this includes automatics, chronographs, calendars, repeaters, chronometers, etc.  We do not repair any clocks; other than the travel type that will fit in a pocket.  We DO NOT perform any work on battery/quartz watches.

What does a basic watch cleaning, or “COA,” entail?

  1. A “COA” or Cleaning, Oiling, and Adjusting, includes the following:

  2. Complete disassembling of the watch

  3. Inspection of all parts for wear, damage

  4. Clean disassembled watch in automatic ultrasonic cleaner

  5. Reassembly and lubrication of the watch including new mainspring

  6. Adjusting your watch as close to original accuracy as possible

  7. Cleaning and polishing the case

  8. Resetting the crystal in the bezel

We will not perform any partial repair of watches, nor will we sell parts for vintage or antique watches.

You may also email us with any questions you may have about your watch or service.

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